2019 Range Rover Electric

The new 2019 Range Rover P400e Plug in Hybrid is a tale of two sides and we’re note exactly sure where we land on the balance sheet with it.  The company has been reticent to scale down its beefy heft, but it looks like the’ve started to change their minds a bit.

The old school thinking was that the bigger the better and those who were buying them seemed to not really think twice about the cost to run such a behemoth, and yes there were a few blips along the way like the experiment with diesel which didn’t really fly. The company has introduced a 3.0litre V6 as an adjunct to the bigger V8 and now is taking it down one step further with the new Range Rover P400e and its one hundred and fourteen horse power electric motor will be accompanied by a 296 horse power turbo charged engine 2.0litre power train with an eight speed transmission.  So when you add it all up you’ll be looking at a combined power package that will bring you in just shy of four hundred horses, which by the way is more than a lot of V6s out there are able to produce and what’s of note is the how far the P400e will get you on its 13.1 kilowatt lithium ion batter which is just over thirty miles. And while the company trying to play shinny ball with this statistic, the reality is that you probably won’t see much more than what’s doable with the diesel versions.

One cool feature of the Range Rover P400e is its ability to be moved into electric mode at the push of a button, which is positions square in the middle of the dash boar, that will allow you to be purely electric up to eighty five miles per hour.  The vehicle will also let you switch out of the electric mode fairly easily though an adequate amount of pressure on the gas pedal.  The P400e also comes with a trip optimizing feature that let’s you programme in your destination and it will use the optimal energy combination to get you there.  If you expect to get into the new Range Rover P400e you’ll need about $100k before any government subsidies used to bring the price down.