2019 Porsche Panamera Looking for Love

Its hard to think that anything Porsche would be lacking on the love meter, but the reality is that the 2019 Porsche Panamera 4 and the Porsche Panamera 4S Sport Tourismo are both functionally solid, but lack that special think that makes people fall in love with, so ‘ya the Panamera is really looking for love.

Sure, Porsche made the world go ‘oooo’ when it dropped the first Panamera back in late 2009 with its sexy sloping roof to fight off the crazed frenzy of super tall sport utility cross overs.  The world was aghast at first, then curious then loving.  But in the latest iterations the shine has seem to fade as the iconic brand battles something its never really had to in the past, indifference. This indifference is bringing the brand one step closer to ‘station wagon’ territory, which would be the death knell for any high end brand. 

Its not like these two versions of the lux beauty can’t deliver, the entry level trim kit comes in with a three hundred and thirty horsepower turbo charged V6 with a three point zero litre engine and the Tourismo 4S gets by with the same V-6, but uses a twin turbo model that use a 2.9 litre version that can push over four hundred and forty horses.  

The transmission on the Porsche 4S Tousismo, with its undeniably super cool and functional eight speed dual clutch automatic launch control system, this crazy fun platform will get you from zero to sixty in less than three point five seconds and propel you down the quarter mile at a rate of about one hundred and sixteen miles an hour in under twelve seconds…not bad for a station wagon :).

But all that fun and gams won’t come cheap, not that any Porsche ever comes cheap, and you probably won’t be surprised that each of the Tourismo 4S and the Sport models will come in at around One Hundred Thousand as a starting price and you can easily plan on adding another fifteen to twenty thousand in bells and whistles to walk away with either one of these.  All in all pretty expensive for what may be destined to be just another station wagon.