2019 Nissan Altima the Last Standing Sedan?

This is probably more of a testament to the lack of any real news about the sedan market, other than everyone talking about its demise, so when we decide to explore the 2019 Nissan Altima we’re really looking at this from a view of the last standing sedan worth talking about.

So back to the more upbeat part of our session today, the 2019 Nissan Altima has actually undergone a complete remodel giving the always consistent sedan a more safe – automatic emergency breaks – a more road feeling ride as well as the obligatory cup holders and USB ports.  Now usually USB ports aren’t exactly exciting things to mention, but what’s worthy here is that Nissan has chosen to include the new C-type USB functions, which most will agree are the future of in vehicle connection options.

There’s also a new all wheel drive system with the one hundred and eighty eight horsepowered engine that boasts a two point five liter inline version.  Plus you can look to add an all wheel drive version, for about $1,300 USD, that will let it line up against the other players left in the sedan category – Accord, Camry, Malibu and Passat.  What you get in extra leg room in the back of the car, you pay for in terms of noise as the back seats are crazily loud for some unkown reason – you’d think that with a shrinking client base and competitor set, they would pay attention to what’s happening back there.


If you step up a level, you can get a 2.0 litre inline four with about two hundred and fifty pounds per square foot of torque and this will get you some decent acceleration and pretty ok fuel economy with estimates coming in at about twenty five miles per gallon in the city and thirty four on the highway.

From a pricing perspective you can expect to pay around $26k for the SR, but if you want to start adding features like turbo charge stuff like that, then you are looking to push the price somewhat over the $35,000 US dollar mark.