2019 Jaguar I-Pace Has Tesla in Sights

The Land Rover Jaguar company is taking direct aim at the electric vehicle leader Tesla and they have them right in their sites with the new 2019 Jaguar I Pace Sport Utility Vehicle

2019 Jaguar IPace | Look HD Wallpapers – New Car Release News

The team at Jaguar are committed to taking on the incumbent Tesla leader with this new electric I-Pace, that’s expected to hit dealership show rooms later in 2018, as their pricing strategy indicates they really want to give Tesla buyers something to think about as they are planning on pricing this new offering in the mid seventy thousand range.  The 2019 Jaguar I-Pace is a five door model, four doors and the hatch at the back, which positions it right between the Tesla S & X and comes in at about one hundred and eighty four inches in length and will weigh in at just under forty eight hundred pounds, which is thanks to its very heavily aluminum build body, which makes it considerably lighter than either of its Tesla competitors.

The 2019 Jaguar I-Pace will have its battery pack flat on the floor to give it a better distribution of its weight and better centre of gravity and a cool feature will be the ability for the 2019 I-Pace to be more aerodynamic as it will automatically lower the car by about a half inch when you reach speeds of over sixty five miles per hour.  The batter make up around a third of the vehicle’s overall weight, coming in at just over thirteen hundred pounds, and is equipped with a three hundred and eighty eight volt capacity that will pump out a little under two hundred horses and the company believes that it will provide a driving range of about two hundred and forty miles.  This all the while will also be able to get you from zero to sixty in around four and a half seconds.

You can expect to know that you’ve bought into the Jag family when you get inside the car as you’ll get the heads up display with a twelve inch infotainment screen and will have what the company is trying to pass off as artificial intelligence technology built in so that the driver’s bluetooth phone will automatically push the data to the car’s system to set all of the traditional creature comforts for the user automatically and will also come with the ability to connect with the Amazon Alexa platform to stay in tune with what’s happening inside the car’s performance.