2019 Ford Ranger Wildtrack Lacks Wildness

The unveiling of the new 2019 Ford Ranger Wildtrack in addition to highly anticipated 2020 Ford Branco was not as out there as we thought it would and it kinda lacks some Wildness.  We’re not saying that it’s fully dull, but it just didn’t seem to jump off the page.

Ford Ranger

The little brother to the Ford Ranger Raptor looks like will bring in some softer styling cues with the sleeker look with a more elegant front grille that’s shaded darker, some decent running boards.  While not fully confirmed, there are indications that the engine may also get a bit of shake up and be different than what’s in the Raptor, the new twin-turbo diesel four-cylinder 2.0-litre engine that can pump out just under four hundred pounds of torque per square foot that’s currently in the Raptor.  We’re also seeing that with Ford’s intent on getting a sturdier version they’ve made changes to the frame and will be bringing in an optional integrated trailer hitch.   The power train looks to offer the Eco Boost ten speed auto with an inline four and a 2.3litre engine and the whole rig has been upgraded to be more truck-like in its performance.

It also looks like the Wildtrack will be borrowing the mode management system from its Raptor stall mate by offering the Snow, Sand, Gravel, Grass, Mud and Ruts to add some toughness to the whole experience.  There will also be a new control system that will offer creature comfort like things such as a cruise control esque low speed and off-road automatic control of accelerating and braking functions and will let the driver adjust the desired speed by touching the breaks until they hit their optimum speed preferences.

The 2019 Ford Ranger Wildtreck will probably come with eighteen inches wheels, LED lights and optional mud lamps, trailer warning system, cargo lights and you can expect it to come in the Ford standard Super Crew and Super cab versions.  You’ll also see some upgrades to the interior with extra storage in the back of the cab with the below seat storage and their Sync 3 infotainment system that will be able to work with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay with an eight-inch touchscreen.  The optional audio upgrade will bring in the Bang & Olufsen premium system and more power outlets than you’ll know what to do with.