2019 Ford Edge Cutting Back its Edge

With Ford wiping out pretty much all of its passenger vehicle division its no surprise that the company will be adjusting its view on their Sport Utility and Crossover lines and the 2019 Ford Edge is the first example Ford cutting back on its performance Edge.

Its not all that bad for the Detroit stalwart and the new 2019 Edge ST still delivers some decent performance with its Eco Boost turbo twin tow point seven litre V – 6 engine that will deliver over three hundred and thirty horse power and get you about three hundred and eighty pounds per square foot of torque with a new eight speed auto transmission.

The new Ford 2019 Edge ST still has its all wheel drive system and is supposed to deliver some pretty ok fuel efficiency with an estimated nineteen miles per gallon in the city and around twenty six miles per gallon on the highway. If you were wondering about speed, the current claims are that the 2019 Ford Edge ST will get you from zero to sixty in under six seconds.  This isn’t going to pull your hair back in any great way, but its passable for what will become the new passenger vehicle replacement.

The over feel of the ride for the 2019 Ford Edge ST is again nicely positioned in the middle with a smooth easy ride at normal speeds, but don’t expect it to deliver too too much when looking to try and top out some speeds.  You can get some upgrades on the 2019 Ford Edge ST’s including a performance break package that carries the twenty one inch Pirelli tires.

So for all of this mediocracy what should you be looking at paying? Well that’s a good question. The base, base level starting price will be about $31k USD, but for a more acceptable version that gives you some basic creature comforts, you’ll be shelling out around $44,000 and if you decide to go all in with all the bells and whistles, then we’re looking at upwards of $51,000.