2019 Cruze Goes Cloud

The new 2019 Chevrolet Cruze is looking to join the twenty first century with its new cloud based infotainment system that is borrowed from its big Cadillac brother’s CUE system.

2019 Cruze Interior

The new system will see a seven inch touch screen system that will act as the brain for the whole system that will also have the ability to respond to motion gesture recognition and will come standard on all models.  The more expensive Chevy Cruze model lines will come with the ability to load and store user profiles from the cloud which will enable users to transfer their personal preferences such as the home screen, personal contacts, saved destinations and audio presets to any other Chevrolet vehicle.  The wireless platform, through its cloud connectivity, will also allow the car to have direct platform updates as well up to date traffic information.  The company also made a few styling tweaks to the front end of the Cruze which have added a nice new softer look and feel to the front end grille with new light and wheel designs helping out.  The company is also sprinkling some cool features to some of the higher end lines such as automated emergency braking and pedestrian detection software and in some models you can expect to also see heated seats, climate control and remote start with heated steering wheels.

2019 Chevy Cruz

Under the hood you will the turbo charged 1.4 litre inline four, six speed automatic that will kick out somewhere in the neighbourhood of one hundred and fifty horses with around one hundred and seventy ‘ish pounds of torque and you should see close to forty miles a gallon.  The other engine that will be available will be the 1.6 turbo charged diesel that will pump out one hundred and thirty horses and get you about forty seven miles to the gallon with its nine speed transmission.  The starting price for the new Cruze should come in slightly below the eighteen thousand mark.