2019 BMW X5 Gets Makeover

The 2019 version of the BMW X5, which will be the fourth generation of the sport utility crossover, will be getting a new platform and a few other tweaks as the popular model continues to soldier on.

2019 BMW X5

Looking to hold off its current field of competitors from the increasingly popular Audi and Volvo offerings the brand will fighting hard to get back to the top of the heap in this its twentieth year.  What you can probably expect from the X5 is some top end designs that will likely mirror the really cool looks of today’s X3 and the new X7 and will have more of a performance edge on the front end.  This look will continue down the sides of the truck with an angled crease running between the wheel wells and the back end will see lights get a bit rounder and thicker and you can expect the back end to stiffen up a bit and allow for more storage space in the back end.

2019 BMW X5 |

On the inside we are going more than likely see less of a revolution and more of an evolution with the infotainment touch screen taking up position in the centre of  the dash and surrounded by the individual control knobs including a potential new all wheel drive with a extended off road mode capabilities.

Crossover SUVs are big moneymakers, and the X5 sits squarely in the center of the mid-size luxury segment, where profit margins are especially fat. As the first BMW model into the space, the X5 in many ways sets technological and styling standards for the brand’s range.  This new rig will be built up on BMW’s proprietary architecture called the cluster and will be the base for the 6 series, the five series and 7 series new models which indicates a longer and more comfortable area for space which will great news for those stuck in the back.

The current expectations are that the 2019 BMW X5 will come with an eight speed automatic transmission with a twin turbo three point zero litre inline six that should pump out about three hundred horses and we assume that you’ll be able to upgrade a V8 4.4litre as well.  The odds are that the 2019 BMW X5 will also see a hybrid plug in and assume that it will drive out three hundred and eight horses.  While not confirmed, the assumption is that the base level X5 will come in somewhere around $60k and if you wan to get up into the XDrive version you’ll probably be somewhere in the $80k range.