2018 Jaguar Wagon Works

The new 2018 Jaguar XF S Sports break is a wagon that actually works and one that would actually make the kids less embarrassed to have you drop them off at school or at practice.

As little as six years ago the thought of a Jaguar Wagon, let alone a Jag, would have been laughable because at that time the only Jaguars you could actually find here were the  XF & XJ sedans and the XK which came in a removable top or coupe versions and they barely sold more that ten thousand of them per year.  However with the unprecedented adoption of the Jaguar brand in the United States over the last five year the company now has reason to keep introducing newer models and they can thank the E-Pace electric crossover and the F Pace crossover for helping drive volume for the once staid brand. Which brings us to today where the company is brining its latest instalment to the US with a snazzy station wagon version of the previously dull XF called the Jaguar XF S Sportsbreak.  The whole mid size luxx station wagon category is undergoing a sort of rebirth these days with the likes of Volvo’s V90 blazing trails, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class coming into the market and even the likes of Porsche are coming into the category with their Panamera Sport Turismo version of a super luxx wagons.

We have to tip our hats to the design team over at the Jaguar Land Rover company as they’ve managed to make the wagon look cool through the styling cues of the new body on the XF by drawing out the old long roof flow giving it that sporty low to the ground feel.  The key to the whole XF S Sportbrake is that it doesn’t want to be wagon, it really is sports car with a bit more functionality especially when you map out the high end S version that is a supercharged all wheel drive V six with a three point zero litre engine that will pump out about three hundred and eighty horses that should get you from zero to sixty in about five seconds and you know why the engineers don’t want you to think of this as a station wagon.

While the Jaguar XF S Sportbreak isn’t going to come with some of the interior creature comforts of its primary competitive set, but it will give you a more sporty and enthralling ride and when you can get into a Jag for less than $80k we think giving up a bit inside is worth a few less bells and whistles inside.