2017 Subaru BRZ Facelift Photos Are Leaked

Thanks to the spy photos that were leaked, we know that 2017 Subaru BRZ will make its comeback along with the facelift to bring more joy for auto lovers. After Toyota introducing the new 86 this year, now it is the time for the new Subaru to hit the market and we are so excited to bring more review regarding this fabulous vehicle.

Not only that, the news is continuing with a more brilliant update that the Japanese automaker was decided to expand its Subaru BRZ sales to the USA market. In addition, last year, Subaru has been debuted STI performance concept in New York Auto Show meaning that we are going to see an STI enter the market as well and of course the United States is the highest priority regarding this matter.

FT86Club Forum Shows the Leaked Pictures of Subaru BRZ STI

2017 Subaru BRZ Facelift Photos Are Leaked 1

We are still not sure whether the leaked pictures are enough to answer our curiosity, but according to the leaked photos from someone in FT86Club Forum (originally posted on Facebook at first before suddenly they have been removed), it seems there are two models of Subaru BRZ STI somewhere in US workshop: one with black color and one with white color. Furthermore, it seems the new Subaru gets few makeovers; however the new appearance is enough to keep the Subaru design equal with its Toyota counterpart. Now, are there any different parts or specifications which can be seen from the leaked photos?

At a quick glance, the car seems to keep similar shape for the front end grille with the existing Subaru model while the vents on either side become different. Moreover, the auxiliary lights have been gone and being integrated with the new and fresh headlights. On the backside, it seems the taillight also gets some update in a similar way plus there are a new seventeen-inch 2-tone machine finish alloy wheels. So far, there is no confirmed information about exterior look of the new Subaru BRZ; however the leaked photos are enough for us to get the picture of what the new BRZ model will look like in the future. And we could tell that it is awesome and sportier than before.

Now, move to the inside, we are very fortunate that the leaked pictures show the interior design as well and from what can be seen, there are new parts and specifications have been added to upgrade the car into the whole new level. Just take a closer look on the new multifunction steering wheel which looks like the 86 thanks to the more auxiliary controls that have been integrated into the steering wheel and on the dashboard, there is new infotainment head unit. To complete this facelift, some of the interior trim has been updated and well, it looks like there are no changes on the center console.

How about the engine, everyone?

Sadly, there is still no reliable resource to take to inform you about the engine of the new Subaru BRZ STI. However, some rumor said that the turbocharged engine would not be part of the BRZ performance line. We do not know about what machine will be equipped with this car, however, many people guessed that the car will run with 2.0 L boxer engine which can deliver up to 205 horsepower and 56 lb-ft (212 Nm) of torque and for the manual version, there likely be the new gear ratios. Beside that prediction, there is a lot of estimation regarding the engine and the performance such as 2.5 L turbo-boxer, however until the car is really hit the market, we can nothing more about the engine.


The automaker itself said that the customers prefer the car to have more power, but the company is also want to make a car with good balance and by putting bigger engine will ruin the balance. From this info, the specification of BRZ is still out of a question.

We are sure that the new car gets some makeover, although the facelift is not done to all the parts of the BRZ but in the interior design, especially on the steering wheel, it has many buttons to make the car more functional, but we afraid that it is something people will criticize. Next, we do not mention it before, but the screen seems to borrow Impreza. On the dashboard, there is new red stitching plus new gauge cluster as well as gloss carbon fiber trim.

How about the price then? Well, not sure about this one since not enough reliable reference talking about the prices of the new car. For the last words, the Japanese automaker seems to make the Subaru comeback party with small updates here and there which likely fail to give people what they really want.

A complete review about the car will be revealed later after 2017 Subaru BRZ STI enter the auto market, so stay tuned!