2017 Nissan GT-R Big Update with More Aggressive Look

Nissan GT-R is a big name since 10 years ago when they first launched it in 2007 with R-35. And now after one decade, Nissan decide to renew the line design to launch 2017 Nissan GT-R. As a great name in the automobile industry surely we expect this model to be as great as its predecessor. However, as it is come from an old design, some might not in favor of the design anymore. Especially seeing the newest design that completed with amazing sheet metal and higher abilities which make those designs become grand and favored by a lot of people.

New Design for 2017 Nissan GT-R with Amazing Changes

2017 Nissan GTR

It seems that we do not have to worry with 2017 model GT-R since Nissan has add more power to keep up with the competition. The suspension also gets little change, and of course the interior is refreshed to match the current trend.

Exterior changes

Even though for common people they might not be able to see the changes that Nissan made to their 2017 model, but for Nissan fans, it is very easy to see changes that they make to the 2017 GT-R since there are a lot of small tweaks made to renew the design. It seems they take the inspiration from 2016 models that have high performance and become everyone favorite. You can see that both the rear and the front side bumpers are creased and reshape to appear more aggressive than the old design. It really makes the car split through the wind easier and cooler.

The front center part has been reshaped to adapt with the company’s V-motion standard in matte chrome color which really look far better compared to the siblings. Streamline has been made to the air intake which opened larger in front to allow better cooling for the engine which also gets more pressure. Titanium exhaust is added to the rear which appears to be lightweight but strong. Reversed Bilstein for the suspension is used as well as Rays wheels which appear to be more aggressive.


You can see that Nissan really make big changes on the interior of 2017 GT-R. Its interior used to be filled with buttons and made mostly from rubber which becomes the trend in 2007. Now it is made using metal, Nappa leather material which plush for comfort, as well as carbon fiber instead of plastic material that used before. This make the interior appear more like luxurious car which Nissan may aim from their new design. The front seats are made to be lighter with addition of side bolsters to give the passenger more comfort during longer drive. Although we expect more improvement for the interior especially considering the cost of this car, but changes that has been made in GT-R is really big compared to the old design.


Now GT-R is update to be simple with addition of infotainment system although it is a little outdated. They still using Nissan Connect for the system with 8inch size touchscreen which combine the audio and the navigation control under one unit. This make the control that used to have 27 switches now have 11 switches. The shifting paddles are move to steering wheel so it would be easier for changes in middle corner. It is enhanced with updated rotary controller which placed in between seating. Enhancement for active sound making the powerplant to sound better. Although this system is better than the last model, but it is still far behind curve model. Furthermore you did not get Apple Carplay or Android auto so it is hard to enjoy it.


2017 GT-R get V6 engine charged with twin turbo using its 3.8 liter capacity and every cylinder now as control for ignition timing individually. This 4 wheeled drive car now has 565 HP which more than 20 HP addition of the last model because the increase on the boost as well as better timing system. Nissan said that this power is the standard power compared to their competitor even though they do not reveal the exact figure. They also apply power steering with electric system in front and 467 pound feet torque. The MPG is at 16 for city and 22 for highway. Gearbox with dual clutch that has 6 speeds will send power towards rear and front axles, according to Nissan, this will make the shift smoother and get fewer noise.


The MSRP of 2017 model GT-R is $109,990 which is $8,200 more than the other model. However this price is really reasonable especially when you side out the titanium exhaust using on last year system, and other upgrades. They might not make big changes like this again before 2020 which we can see the inspiration from 2020 concept of gran Turismo. But as we can see with the things they do to 2017 Nissan GT-R shows that the company really pay attention to the line and continue to refine it.