2017 Automotive Horror Show: The Worst of the Worst

Mini Paceman

The Paceman is a less common model in the Mini lineup, but it has many of the same styling problems that landed other compact models a spot on this list. The Paceman is essentially a fattened version of the three-door Mini hatchback that has been enlarged and received more doors. Unfortunately, engineers decided it should keep the contorted grille and headlights. Minis work when they’re small and cute—and that’s it.

To make the lighting even more unusual, the Mini Paceman adds massive taillights surrounded by a chrome frame that is impossible to miss, no matter how much you would like to. Part of the problem may be the lack of a Mini design studio within the United Kingdom anymore, but even that doesn’t excuse the ugly styling on the Paceman. Its saving graces are its maneuverability, fuel economy, and high-end finishes that help elevate the vehicle. For most people, however, these are not enough to get over the exterior styling.