10 Fastest Cars in the World: Reviews

First things first, let us tell you that the fastest cars out there are nothing like anything. They are the real deal when it comes to speed, and they are actually all about speed.

In fact, when it comes to racing, speed very well turns out to be the name of the game. And this is where these speed beasts come in.

Now that we are well into talking about speed, you might as well ask, what is the fastest car in the world? Well, we will get to that in a bit, but before that, we want to make it clear that our opinion may differ quite a bit from some others, as the rankings are based on severe factors. Unlike some others, however, one of our most important factors for coming up with the rankings is the reliability of the claimed top speed, which depends on how well it’s recognized by reputable sources,

So with that being said, let’s find out what are the top 10 fastest cars in the world, as well as review them in short.

#1 Hennessey Venom GT (Top speed – 270 mph)

Hennessey Venom GT: Fastest Car in the World

Yes, the Hennessey Venom GT is the fastest car in the world according to us, as well as many reliable sources in the industry. It has clocked an unbelievable 270 mph during the tests and the results were widely recognized by various sources.

But you may also want to consider the fact that the Venom GT was just driven in one direction for measuring the top speed, which isn’t the standard practice. A car needs to be driven in all the four directions for coming to a conclusion about its top speed. The top speed is calculated by taking an average of the top speed while being driven in all four directions, in order to also take the wind factor into account.

That being said, Venom GT’s top speed has still been given recognized by most sources, so we will stick to it, too. But the credit for the Venom GT’s insane speed should be given to its equally insane engine, which is a 7.0-liter twin-turbocharged, putting out a massive 1,244 horsepower.

Finally, there also seems to be some confusion about the Venom GT’s status as a production car. It’s simply because it’s a “hand-built” vehicle.

Also, while the Venom GT does hold the top speed record, the Guinness Book refuses to acknowledge it.

#2 Bugatti Chiron (Top speed – 268+ mph)


When the Bugatti Veyron first hit the road, it probably took the automobile industry by storm by the performance and engineering that it brought to the table. While there was no successor to the Veyron for around a decade, it still managed to be a household name consistently when it came to supercars, especially in the Western countries.

However, the Volkswagen Group perhaps decided to up their game further, as they finally unveiled a successor of the speed monster, named the Bugatti Chiron.

There are some really unique and interesting facts about the Chiron. First, it comes with many significant improvements over its already super impressive previous version. Secondly, its 1,500-hp engine managed to clock a top speed of 261 mph, though that was only using settings that are considered perfectly street legal.

And that makes its top speed a kind of mystery, as not many know what it’s really capable of when it comes to the speed. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, unlike most other supercars, it’s not something designed only for the professionals, as anyone can drive it without encountering many challenges, thanks to an advanced technology it comes with that allows it to adjust the settings automatically based on the speed it’s being driven at.

#3 Bugatti Veyron Super Sport (Top speed – 268 mph)


It’s believed that the Volkswagen Group’s sole goal behind the acquisition of the Bugatti brand was to use it as a gateway to set its feet in the supercar industry and produce the fastest car to have ever hit the road. And it did with the first ever version of the Veyron which actually kept the fastest car’s title for quite a few years.

However, it was suddenly dethroned by a new competitor, the SSC Ultimate Aero. But Bugatti decided to hit back, and came up with an even faster version of the Bugatti, which was the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, also known as the Veyron-plus.

It managed to speed out at 268 mph during Volkswagen tests, thanks to its 1,200-hp engine and the many aerodynamic upgrades that it came with over its previous version. In fact, the Veyron-plus is still listed down as the fastest supercar by Guinness, while its predecessor, the Veyron, holds the title for the fastest open-top car in the world.

#4 SSC Ultimate Aero (Top speed – 256 mph)


The SSC Ultimate Aero dethroning the original version of the Veyron was perhaps one of the most shocking incidences in the history of the small-but-shiny fastest production cars industry. In 2007, the Ultimate Aero was suddenly crowned the new fastest supercar, beating the Bugatti Veyron, which perhaps held the title for longer than most other fastest super cars out there.

However, it was all a bit too short-lived, so the Ultimate Aero hardly had any time to cash in on the hype. But the reasons were perhaps deeper than what appears on the surface.

While the Ultimate Aero comes with a very impressive 6.3-liter engine, which is a turbocharged one just like most other supercars on this list, as well as 1,287 horsepower, it can well be an open invitation for death.

The reason is that it doesn’t come with any driver aids, which is probably an effort to offer a “pure” speed-driving experience. While it may sound very exciting and thrilling for those talented enough to handle that much of pure, raw power, for most others, it can certainly turn out to be fatal to say the least.

#5 Saleen S7 Twin Turbo (Top speed – 248mph)


The Saleen S7 Twin Turbo is perhaps one of the few super sports cars out there that actually also come with a level of performance that makes its speed enjoyable – and not fatal.

So if you’re not all for speed, but also looking for a great performance, the S7 Twin Turbo is probably your best bet (a very expensive one all the same, though). Right from the design and styling to the incredible overall performance and tuning potential, there seems to be nothing to dislike about the S7. In fact, during the period of 2000-2007, when it was being actively produced, it was probably the only supercar of its kind ruling the American streets.

It’s actually also believed to be one of the best all-round supercar ever introduced to the world. It’s surprisingly lightweight for a supercar, though, thanks to a uniquely built body using steel and aluminum. The original version of the S7 came with 550 horsepower, with the 7.0-liter V-8 engine making it zoom to 0 to 60 mph in a mere 3.3 seconds.

However, Saleen went a step further with the S7 Twin Turbo, boasting 750 horsepower and the ability to go to 60 mph from 0 in as less as 2.8 seconds. When it comes to speed, however, its top speed of 248 mph helps it easily make it to our list of the fastest cars in the world.

#6 Koenigsegg CCR (Top speed – 242 mph)


Koenigsegg CCR is yet another supercar that held the fastest car title for a brief period. It was crowned the fastest production car in 2005, when it clocked a top speed of 242 mph during the tests carried out in Italy.

However, as we mentioned, its rise to fame was rather short-lived, with the first ever Veyron dethroning it from the title surprisingly soon.

While the CCR isn’t very spectacular when compared to the other supercars listed above, it is actually one of the first versions of the type of cars Koenigsegg produces today, so it helped set up a solid foundation for them.

The CCR came with Koenigsegg’s own 4.7-liter V8 engine, and a unique body made using carbon-fiber, though it didn’t bring much to the table in terms of electronic aids.

However, the CCR didn’t manage to get as popular as it perhaps deserved to, going by its impressive stats. But Koenigsegg has been working hard to regain the lost glory, especially with its CCX and the Agera One.

In fact, Koenigsegg claims that the Agera One will achieve a top speed of over 270 mph, but it’s just a claim as of now as it has not yet been put to test.

#7 McLaren F1 (Top speed – 241 mph)


This supercar hardly needs an introduction. While some might see as just the former fastest car in the world, many others believe it’s the coolest car out there in the world, even now.

And they do seem to be having a good reason to say so. The McLaren F1 comes with BMW M 6.1-liter V12 engine, an amazingly built carbon-fiber body with the engine bay sporting marvelous gold-lining. Similarly, another highly unique feature of the F1 is that its driver’s seat is in the center, which just adds to its “coolness”.

Despite the F1 being McLaren’s first attempt at producing a speed beast, it went fairly well for them. The F1 went on to win the 24-hour Le Mans in 1995, making it even more popular among the masses. Finally, while the F1 isn’t the fastest out there, it still seems to be as popular as if it was.

#8 Pagani Huayra BC (Top speed – 238 mph)


When it comes to a combination of power and speed, most supercars on this list would probably have a hard time competing with the Pagani Huayra BC. Its original version itself came with a V12, weighing 3,000 pounds. However, the Pagani decided to make some improvements to the concept, and it lead to the release of its improved version, the Huayra BC.

One of the most notable improvements was the drop in its weight, which ended up being just 2,645 lbs. Another one was even more power, with the BC producing 789 horsepower.

However, if that wasn’t enough, the Huayra BC also put up a top speed of 238 mph, making it one of the fastest cars to have ever hit the road.

#9 Zenvo ST1 (Top speed – 233 mph)


Denmark doesn’t have many super performance cars to its names, but the Zenvo ST1 is one of them. And it’s a pretty solid one, actually.

In fact, a detailed look into the ST1 reflects the height of engineering success in the country, as it comes with one of the most complex engines out there. Its 6.8-liter V8 is paired with not only a supercharger, but also a turbocharger.

This rather wildly powerful combination helps it put out 1,104 horsepower, as well as boast a torque of 1,054 lbs. However, what’s really surprising that all this power goes directly to the wheels, perhaps in a very raw form. This obviously makes the ST1 a very hard automobile to control if you’re not a true professional.

Finally, while the ST1’s top speed has been recorded to be 233 mph, you may also want to take into consideration that its electronically limited. This basically means that the ST1 can be even faster, which can very well create a scenario which ensures a certain death for an unprofessional driver.

#10 Noble M600 (Top speed – 225 mph)

Noble M600: One of the Fastest Cars in the World

The British supercar industry isn’t all about Jaguar, McLaren or Aston Martin. Another lesser-known, but perhaps just as capable manufacturer is Noble Automotive.

However, Noble Automotive seems to function a little differently than the other brands we mentioned above, as it simply focuses on producing a specific type of supercars. It seems to have worked reasonably successfully for it, though, as since 1999, it has managed to gain a considerable share of the automobile history.

Anyway, Noble’s best production is quite simply believed to be the M600, which managed to raise quite a few eyebrows back in 2009 when it gave the Veyron a run for its money.

However, like most supercars on this list, the M600, too, is not something a non-professional would want to touch. It’s because it doesn’t come with many electronic aids, but is very performance heavy (and can hence be very hard to control).

Some impressive performance stats of the M600 include the ability to hit 225 mph, with the engine producing 650 hp, and the ability to accelerate to 60 mph in a matter of 3 seconds flat.

A Final Word

While these all look very thrilling and a true reflection of automotive excellence, they can be very, very expensive. The Veyron Super Sport, for one, comes with a price tag of $1.7 million.

That being said, if you’re looking for a more practical option that you can actually afford, you may want to give our article on the fastest cars under $50k a read.